U.S. Federal Halt?

Posted on March 30, 2011


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Does anyone know anything about this? Something like if the American Federal Government cannot agree on some sort of budget bill, many federal programs will be frozen?

Honestly, if this doesn’t show you what kind of shit the world is really in, you should crawl back under your rock. I mean, the world – the US in particular – is really losing it. They are losing control in a very bad way. I accredit that mostly to the infinitesimal increase in the ability for regular people to communicate and trade online.

In the same way that Nietzsche said “God is dead” referring to the lack of a need for God in the similar rapid boom in science and technology at the turn of the 20th Century, I say, “Government is dead” in the growing time of awareness, communication, and participation. People are slowly realizing – consciously or not – that they don’t need government to regulate their lives anymore. The governments do not see that this is what is happening, or how to adapt to it.

Sure, the system is fucked up and causes a lot of problems intrinsically. But just look at all of the advancements that come with the internet that foil the system. Economies are mostly based off participation, but the internet diminishes the need for individual economies which, in turn, shifts the nature of buying and selling to a world platform. Different and unequal platforms are not working for this exact purpose; people are not contributing to their own economies.

Granted, the world is not getting any more equal, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the individual’s role in an economy becoming distorted by new advancements and possibilities. Look at some of these inventions that allow this: cell phones, the internet, eBay, Craigslist, air travel. These are all still very new inventions relative to their presence in human history. The concept of free information is growing rapidly and is changing the way people interact. For example, General Electric paid no U.S. federal taxes this year because they own a mail box in Switzerland and claim that to be their headquarters. This example and all of those of outsourcing jobs, that I need not discuss, are contributing to this deterioration of separate economies.

Though I am an anarchist, I believe strongly in incremental change. An overnight revolution – or an overnight anything for that matter – will not be effective because if you want to change anything in this world you have to change the minds of the people, not the system itself. If the people’s ideas change, the system will change to fit. I cannot, nor do I want to, make any speculations about the ramifications of the US government temporarily shutting down some of its ligaments. All I can be sure of – or at least hope for – is that it will have certain ideological effects on the people about the stability and authority of the governmental structure.

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