The State is a Chair

Posted on April 24, 2011


The establishment that is the State is a crutch for humanity. That is what will prove it to be so difficult to remove. Of course, to an anarchist, the State is a terrible entity, but not for everyone. It still takes care of its people just enough to keep them from rebelling. It destroys people, rendering them useless drones while at the same time giving them just enough to keep them content.

You have to see humanity as a single man and the State like his uncomfortable chair. The man has the ability to stand on his own, but it is much easier to be supported by the chair. The man has muscles and is strong all on his own, but laziness seems to be getting the better of him.

When a man sits in a chair, he becomes comfortable, complacent and passive. He may become angered that he can’t find the remote or that he is uncomfortable, but he will not make any conscious effort for change if the answer is not within his immediate area. Sitting in the chair which is uncomfortable, to him, is still better than having to exert any kind of effort to change his condition. This comfort, keep in mind, is not always physical. It can equally be a mental comfort.

We all know what happens when we sit for too long. We can develop cramps, our asses go numb, and for unhealthy amounts of time, our muscles can begin to deteriorate. The longer the man sits in the chair and doesn’t exercise his muscles, the weaker he becomes. The more accustomed to the chair he gets – the harder it will become to get up.

If we sit in a chair too long then try to get up, our legs don’t feel just right at first. We have to walk it off and maybe even stretch. Stretching is any kind of social movement. So, as we have seen from history, change is possible.

This has been the problem with nearly all of the past revolutions. People are so accustomed to the amenities of the State which they so much take for granted that when they attempt to do it on their own, they fail. They get up out of their chair after a long time, and try to run without stretching or being fully prepared to use their muscles which have long been dormant.

By definition, anarchism would be the removal of that chair. But, don’t think we are so naïve. From this metaphor, we understand that the simple removal of that which currently supports humanity is not the answer. Anarchism advocates stretching. Though anarchism would like the eventual diminishing of man’s need to have a chair, we do not want its swift and immediate destruction.

If we stick to this metaphor of humanity stretching its muscles and relying mostly on them to support it, a chair would still become necessary in the future. In short, anarchism rejects the need  for a chair, or that humanity is subject to some form of external support when it has the natural capability to do it all on its own.

Anarchism rests on the assumption that a strong and healthy man will not need to sit very often or for very long, but the idea of the chair (not necessarily representative of a “government” as we understand it now, but rather and kind of leadership) must still exist, even if man is not sitting in it.

For anyone with the mere dictionary definition of anarchism, this may seem paradoxical – it is not. Yes, anarchism rejects a stationary, infallible authority figure such as a government, but it is not opposed to the idea of leadership in general. Leadership is present everywhere in nature, but its effects and magnitude are nowhere near human authority. A leader simply gives the group a direction in which to travel collectively while an authority uses the people to benefit itself.

Anarchism is a social movement that advocates a collective mindset and a conscious social awareness that what is good for one is good for all, and what is bad for one is bad for all. It maintains that humanity is a single body in that in order to function and survive, all the parts must be seen as equal and work together as such.

The goal of anarchism is to bring humanity to use its full potential by raising it out of its uncomfortable crutch and stretching its muscles to use them in a healthy and productive manner as it was intended to by its nature.

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