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Communist Anarchism: A Manifesto of Equality

August 6, 2011


This essay was written when I was still very new to radical philosophy. It was voted to be published by a book of student work (essays, stories, poems, photos, and the like) at Dutchess Community College. It was written in a matter of a week specifically for this publication. The other day I was asked […]

An Impersonal State

July 12, 2011


The problem I see between the relationship of the State and its people is the same as the problem with personal relationships. When people enter a relationship with someone, they place new expectations on that person on the grounds of the new relationship. People think that just because they are now exclusive with someone, that […]

A murder in anarchy?

July 10, 2011


The following is a question and my response from Tumblr that I found worthy of publish here. nevertakethelifeofarealg asked: In an anarchist society, what would happen in this situation: One man kills another man. Is the killer killed? Jailed? Let me begin by saying that is an impossible question to answer. The world is not anarchist. People […]

Ants on a Wasp

May 20, 2011


For the past 30 minutes I sat and watched the miracle of natural communism as Peter Kropotkin would describe in his Mutual Aid. Last night I hit a wasp on my window (sad, I know, but I’m allergic) and it fell, still intact, to the window sill below. I watched as one ant approached the […]

A Non-violent Anarchist

April 24, 2011


The following is a brief debate about violence and its use in revolution that happened on my Tumblr: anarchistreview: There is no such thing as a “violent anarchist,” only misguided activists. Emma Goldman said all acts of violence are simply misplaced anger. The premise of anarchism is nonviolent. I reject all anarchists who carry bombs […]

Power through communities

March 7, 2011


In order for the citizens of a nation to fully take hold of the wealth, power and resources of their nation, they need do only one thing: invest in the local municipalities. This will do two great things for society; one, it will show the power of a local collective by acknowledging the importance of […]